Working With The New Energies  -  Part Two - Tools For The Accelerated Shift 
Sat 27th - Sun 28th June 2020
Bentley Heath Community Hall 
Widney Road, Bentley Heath , Solihull, B 93 9BQ
Please see the details under Mays workshop to ensure you are eligible to attend . I cannot take time to reteach level one
Cost = £ 180.00 - Early Bird = £ 165.00 if paid in full by 31st May 2020 
This can be paid for in instalments - Click this option at checkout 

This workshop will include advanced energy techniques that will allow you to manage and clear your patterns efficiently and without ( unless specific roots are found that need specialist support ) the need for external resources.  

We will focus on extensively strengthening your energetic structure before advancing onto tools that will allow you to open your innate abilities for communication and connection to source and self in ways that are currently dormant and therefore not accessible for many at this time .

I will post details of the content nearer the date - I can confirm it will be, as always extensive and very much hope to see you there .

Stella Brookes BRCP

Tel:  +44  07775 750085