About Stella 


Stella is a highly experienced PB kinesiologist, one of only seven fully qualified soul journey practitioners in the UK. Stella is a fully qualified Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Practitioner (PBK) and coach.

Stella has a thriving practice based in Solihull in the West Midlands and currently has a five month waiting list for one to one appointments. and coaching.

Stella's coaching specialises in deep soul alignment work which incorporates all of her skills if needed in addition to her coaching training .


This means that every session is totally unique and beyond anything that talking and working solely from the perspective of the mind can achieve.

Stella is a successful workshop facilitator and her work is very much in demand  in the West Midlands where she is based. Her workshops are increasingly filled to capacity via word of mouth recommendations.


She is currently developing an online programme and writing a book in order to bring her unique approach to the quantum energy of the Soul and its intrinsic relationship with our physicality to a wider field.

She is also planning to bring her increasingly popular workshops to other locations.

Stella is in demand as a key note speaker in the areas of  soul alignment, energy medicine, the quantum field of healing and growth, the vibrational levels of the soul, ancestral and karmic clearing and the opportunities available at this fascinating time for significant personal and spiritual growth. 


For those interested in exploring their health, well being and spiritual development on a deeper level book online for one of the small group workshops which are limited to four attendees, contact Stella for a one to one appointment or attend one of the growing number of workshops and talks that Stella facilitates..

PBK meets the National Occupational Standards for kinesiology (KNOS) and is accredited by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM.

Stella Brookes BRCP

Tel:  +44  07775 750085

Email: Stella@stella.brookes.co.uk