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SHE Evolves: The Cosmic Goddess 

Ignite Your Cosmic Divine Power  & Recode the Limitations of the Matrix
Abbey House - Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury, BA6 8DH
Saturday  9th - Sunday 10th November . 10.30 am - 5.00 pm - Investment £ 97 for Day One or £190 for both days 

Join Us For This Transformative Workshop

The Cosmic Goddess is your gateway to uncovering the profound depths of your inner self and move into relationship with the powerful multidimensional aspects of your being as a women.

Women have 150 more enrgy centres then our lovely men and your energy needs to be worked with differently in order to fully embrace the potentail of these centres. 

The Cosmic Goddess is the one who knows the pathway that was laid down by your soul a the time of your conception. The part of you who knows who you really are and holds the necessary codes for your next evolution. SHE is also the portal to your geatest potental and impact.

​She is an aspect of the Inner Trinity, but when fully activated, is so much more and can in turn show you that you are so much more too; because when you reclaim her, your relationship and acceptance of your Divine nature means that you can never be the same. ​

You move into sovereignty in new ways by accessing your inner power in a way that many women are not even aware is available to them. And in doing so reclaim your cosmic heritage.

You ease into your next personal evolution and commit to your Divine nature in a way that has never been possible before this year. 


So yes, this is new and this is for you if you like to be on the leading edge of what this new energy and its opportunity for increased self awarness has to offer us.

The Cosmic Goddess is the foundation of the creative force that is universal in nature and beyond the scope of anything you believed to be possible about yourself.


These are the times you were born for and if  this resonates I do hope you can join the fabulous group of women who are already committed to joinung us this year.

Please note this program is highly exepriential and in order to get the most out of your time with us you will need to know where your energy centres are and be open to working with your energy in potentially new  ways. 

Crab Nebula
The Benefits:

  • Reclaim your Cosmic potential and knowing.

  • Break free from self-doubt and limitations.

  • Merge your cosmic and quantum capacities with timeless wisdom for true transformation.

  • Reactivate dormant energy centres and rebuild pathways to your deepest awarenesses and abilities.

  • Recode the limitations within the matrix for your own enhanced experience and those who will follow.

  • Connect with a supportive group of visionary women on a similar path.

  • Rewrite your relationship with yourself, your purpose, and your sovereignty.

What Others Have to Say 

It's magical but looks and feels so practical at the same time.

I thank the Divine for putting Stella in my path...    Q.V - Holland 

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