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10/10. I can't wait for the next workshop.
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Stella's teaching's are aligned perfectly to all the you need to know at this time of change.

Information for the future. I cannot recommend enough "

Mrs M F  - Birmingham


Human consciousness is uplevelling rapidly.


If you're comfortable with terms such as old soul or lightworker you will have a sense that these are the times that you were born for and are ready for the next stage of your evolution and growth.


Alternatively, If you're new to talk of consciousness and energy, you may be wondering where on earth do you start.


Which ever of the above is true for you, you need to understand how to work with this new paradigm of energy in the most efficient and effective way possible -  to not only significantly improve your own life -  but to positively impact those you love and the collective at the same time.

If this resonates then you're in the right place and I'm thrilled that you have found your way here.

The field of energy we are all part of now supports growth and self awareness in ways that have never been available before.

As a result of working thousands of hours on a one on one basis with hundreds of clients - mostly women -  I have developed a unique understanding of the way's in which the energy of your soul works in partnership with the unique energy systems of the body.

I work with groups, ( mixed and female only depending on the topic ), throughout the year to support the deep changes and uplevelling needed at the physical and energetic levels, as the powerful energy from the universe continues to pour in.

I'm told that these make a huge difference to those navigating the shift and are often  lifechanging for those taking part.


They are run both in person and online. 


You've landed here on this page at just the right time, as there are currently some exciting opportunities in the pipeline for you to be a pioneer and  part of something new. ! 


I don't think that's a coincidence.  You can find out more here.

The way in which we expand into an awareness of our true potential and move towards embodying this Divine part of our being fully at the cellular level, is woven into every workshop in a simple to understand and empowering way.

I very much hope to be part of your journey .

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