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10/10. I can't wait for the next workshop.
recent workshop attendee





Stella's teaching are aligned perfectly to all the you need to know at this time of change.

Information for the future. I cannot recommend enough "

Mrs M F  - Birmingham



Stella runs workshops throughout the year both in person and online . 


These workshops and the information in her online programmes are perfectly aligned to the shift and expansion that has taken place.

 They began some years ago in order to meet the growing need for knowledge , understanding & tools that Stella increasingly witnessed within her own client base.

Aligning with the energy of our Soul has a hugely significant role at this particular time of rapid energetic expansion and if you have found your way to this page you no doubt have a sense that we are living in truly exceptional times energetically. 


Indeed you are very probably aware that these are the times you were born for. 


It might be that your looking for a better understanding of yourself on all levels ,or maybe you want to pull together everything that you have learnt to date about yourself, your energy bodies, the quantum field and the energy of your soul in an understandable and cohesive way. 

If so your in the right place. 


The field of energy we are all part of now supports growth and self awareness in ways that have never been made available before.


Stella's unique understanding of the journey and energy of the Soul is intrinsically merged with her comprehensive knowledge of the energy systems of the body.


The way in which we expand into an awareness of our true potential and move towards embodying this  Divine part of our being fully at the cellular level is woven into every workshop in a simple to understand and empowering way.

The aim of the workshops is to empower your journey with a greater knowledge of yourself not only as an amazing piece of biological engineering but also at the energetic and quantum levels and as an expression of your Soul. An expression that has its own unique journey patterns, lessons and accrued wisdom.


We very much hope to be part of your journey .

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