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The Multidimensional  Soul  
Online Group Balance 
Sunday 6th February 2022
7pm - 8.30pm GMT - £ 30.00
( there is a reduced price of £ 45 for couples living in the same home - please find the correct booking form at check out  ) 



"I was mesmerised. If you get a chance to attend one of Stella's workshops do not hesitate. "

Ms H B - Birmingham


In this new paradigm of energy you are being asked to move inwards and learn to work with your energy and subtle systems as the co-creator that you are.



As you learn to do this your body starts the process of inner alchemy and the multidimensional aspects of who you are at the level of the soul become more available to you.

Your soul star engages energetically with the physical body in a more integrated way which opens a huge opportunity to unlevel.  Your ability to access the wisdom and guidance available in the universal field begins to come on line. 

The energy of your cosmic ancestors and star families move closer  and the wisdom of your cosmic Akash starts to communicate holographically with you at the level of your DNA.

However,  the physical body has never done this before and your mind may be limiting the opportunities available as a result of it's natural fight or flight response. 

The fight or flight response is the mind and bodies natural response to perceived bodily stress or changes in its environment.

And as this group balance will explain - there is a lot of that taking place at the moment! 

When this happens. the body closes off energy that it would make available for the inner alchemy and instead stay's in a state of alert and the inner alchemy slows or stops.

This group balance will ensure that the relationship between your source energy/soul and that of your physical body is in resonance. 

Any fight flight responses that have been triggered by the body’s instinct to keep you safe from the unknown will be calmed so that connection can be re established or amplified.

It will also allow you to stand within and utilise an increased field of soul energy, access the multidimensional aspects of your reality and step forward into 2022 with a growing inner knowing, and confidence.

​This is an online group balance . A powerful and significant opportunity to start this roller-coaster year from a place of connection and a growing appreciation of what is unfolding for yourself and the planet. 

If it resonates I do hope you will join us! 

"Stella's teaching are aligned perfectly to all the you need to know at this time of change. Information for the future.

I cannot recommend enough "

Mrs M F - Birmingham

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