Time Line Integration 

Online Group Balance 

Sunday 27th December 2020

7pm - 8.30pm GMT.


( there is a reduced price of £45 for couples living in the same home - please find the correct booking form at check out  ) 

​​​​​" I was mesmerised.

If you get a chance to attend one of Stella's workshops do not hesitate. "

Ms H B - Birmingham

Before you are opportunities to know yourself in a way that has not been available before.


At the same time there are vast opportunities to be of service to others, just by your very way of being, in the world that is emerging.


The speed and degree that  world emerges is dependant upon the ability of every experienced soul and light worker to hold heart based attention and intention on their desired outcome.

You are aware of this I am sure.


However there is a distraction in your field that is increasing and can be disconcerting. That distraction is other timelines. 

There comes a time in all of our lives where we have stood at a crossroads wondering which path to take?

Those moments where you have to make choices around whether or not to stay in a relationship, say yes to a proposal or date, go to a particular university, start a family, have the medical procedure, take a job and so on.

At the level of the soul, your soul wants to have every experience in physical form possible, and so there are times, such as these key cross road moments, when the soul will create an alternative timeline so that it can also have the experience of living in and learning from the other scenario too. 

As a result of the changes that are taking place in the magnetics and electrics of the field that moves through us, many timelines are beginning to bleed into each other. 


As we approach and move through the winter solstice the distractions will become ever more apparent, and at a time when our energetic power  needs to be completely within your control and focused such distractions are far from helpful.


Any energy that is not focused on the creation of the heart based way of life you so passionately desire is an inefficient use of your incredibly powerful energy .


This balance will bring you back to the pivotal point in your timeline where such a split in your timeline has taken place.


We will be working through the  use of a surrogate to close  that timeline and by default any before it so that you have a single point of soul energy focus within your field.

Any distractions connected to these other potentials around lost hopes and dreams, or things that might have been are diminished or eliminated in your field, thereby allowing you to be more present, more focused and aligned to the purpose you are here for at this time of the shift.


This is the first session in a group of three that are specifically designed to support and facilitate your expansion as we move through these unique  times.


Each builds upon and enhances the next, but it is not necessary to do all three.


Each is a powerful and positive experience in its own right.  

Timeline integration is a powerful balance that has life changing effects for many.


The energy of the group always allows for a container in which to not only address what it is that you individually & uniquely need from this experience , but to create templates of alignment within the field for others to pick up and follow. 

As I have said previously you do not have had to have take part in all of the balance -  many of you will have done work elsewhere this year . Please just join us for those that you feel a resonance with.

Take the the time to connect deeply and listen to your body and it will tell you what is does or does not need. 

Be in no doubt that this is the time you were born for.

, If you have found your way to this page, then this balance is very possibly part of your souls plan and I do hope that you will join us should it resonate.


 I want this to be available to anyone who feels it resonates.


If you have been impacted financially by this challenging year, and this is causing you to hesitate in joining us, please do contact Stella and we can make arrangements for you to jump on board as Stella's guest.