The Heroine Heals 
 Avalon Priory, Chilton Polden, Priory Road, TA7 9AH
17 minutes from Glastonbury

Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November : 10.30 am – 4 pm 

Investment = £ 190.00.

Early Bird £ 175 .00 if booked and paid for by 15th October 2020

Numbers are limited to 20  in order to ensure that social distancing measures are met.

 Please ensure you have accommodation before booking as this is a very busy time in Glastonbury 

" I was mesmerised. If you get a chance to attend one of Stella's workshops do not hesitate. "

Ms H B  -  Birmingham 

​​​As a deeply soulful women on a spiritual path you will have already worked deeply and honestly with many of your shadows, wounds and patterns. As a result of taking action, you are now a very different woman from the one you were only a few years ago.

As we move through these accelerated shifts on our planet  you have all witnessed the old structures of patriarchy tightening its fist in an attempt to keep things as they were.


Now more than ever is the time that the Heroine within has to step forward. 


The energies streaming in from the Cosmos are those of the Divine Feminine and now is the time that you MUST take ownership of the mandate held within your heart and your soul.  


Our beautiful planet now needs the most experienced of those souls incarnated at this time to step forward and as a woman who is on a spiritual path - this point in history really is your time.


It’s time to return to the heroine within.

If you are aware of the  stirring within that call's for the phoenix to rise from the ashes, but still wonder if you truly have what it takes to be part of the difference our beautiful planet so desperately needs, then this workshop is for you.


It is the collective and individual wounds of the feminine that are held within your cells, the field and the ancestral grids that are the focus for this years work. 

We will be working deeply in alignment with the energies of Samhain, the sacred legacy of the druids held deeply within our lands and the multidimensional aspects of the Divine Feminine over the weekend . 


This work will be deep  it will be magical and transformational!

As always Stella will be creating a safe container for deep explorative work in which she will guide you to a deep connection with the innate  and multidimensional aspects of your being.


The heroine within is fearless, wise, courageous and compassionate

She embodies a fundamental strength that makes all things possible


She is fully present in every moment . She both honours & relishes her physical embodiment.


She finds joy in all things and is an inspiration to those who come into contact with her

She is highly intuitive

The heroine within embodies her spark of the Divine with joy, with curiosity and wonder.

  She is fully aligned to both the heart beat of Gaia and the energy of universe at the same time.


She both trusts and follows the whispers that are the voice of her soul as she walks her path; and in doing so finds her joy in life, her contribution and her peace with all that she is and has yet to become.


She is you - but you have forgotten.

This current truth is the story of others and it is deeply deeply flawed and untrue.

Now is the time to unravel and transform the untrue story of you

" Stella's warmth and caring  shines through the day making it a beautiful experience . I feel safe and inspired " Mrs TS Midlands 

Please be aware that this workshop is for women only .

The investment covers the cost of the workshop and teas and coffees during the day.

You will be responsible for your own accommodation arrangements and food.

I very much hope you will take this step for yourself and allow me to be part of your unique journey.