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Consciousness Changes Everything 

A cost free online event

Understand your contribution and create momentum for your impact in 2021.

December 28th  2020 - January 1st 2021


7 pm GMT ( Each session will run for approx. 45minutes ) 

" That was Incredible!"

L B London 

The degree to which you have developed emotional mastery impacts your level of consciousness, your wellbeing,  your ability to create the reality you desire, the energetic blueprint that you leave in the field and consequently the world itself.

One of the questions that many asked after the cost free offerings in March and June is how does my consciousness contribute to the critical mass that has caused the recent reset ? 


And also, how can I ensure that I continue to grow and create the impact I know my soul wants me to make in the world at this time of momentous change?

During these 5 days we will be working as a powerful collective to identify and clear any emotional residue that is currently contributing to your own disempowerment from your field. 


This work is a designed to create a powerful container from which you can explore, clear and prepare in the way that is best suited to your needs, for your momentum and growth as we move out of 2020 and into the promise of 2021; issues around self esteem being but one example of the potentials this framework will allow us to observe and work with. 


On this occasion we will be using the scales of consciousness as  a road map for our work together, ( Dr Hawkins , Power vs Force ).


,  Stella will not only help you to appreciate the power of your unique contribution at this important time, but will also work with the group to create and set in motion energetic templates and structures that allow others who awaken at a later date to move forward on their journey with greater ease.

This cost free 5 day event is kickstarted by the online group balance taking place online on the 27th of December .


Please know that you do not have to have taken part in that group balance in order to take part in this work !! 

I do so hope that you will join us as we work as a group through the last part of 2020 into the New Year, and energy of 2021.


Please do be aware that even if you are unable to take part every evening,  every time you step forward to work with intent and focus has an impact on your own wellbeing and a ripple effect our world and so please do not let that stop you being with us when you can! 

I do so hope that as many of you as possible will join us for all or part of this powerful event. 

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