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Overcoming Sabotage

16th December 2018 - 1.30pm - 4.30pm - £30.00

Solihull Women's Institute

745 Warwick Road
B91 3DG


It would be naive to believe that there are not those among us, both past & present,  that are not as motivated as the Light Worker or Old Soul at the possibility of turning this planet into one of light.

They would instead prefer that the planet remained one that functioned on the emotions of fear, guilt, shame etc, as this suits the needs of their ego for power in whatever form that may be.

Your Souls journey into embodiment required that it traveled through a number of vibrational fields and portals as it moved into 3D density and form.

It is this journey, as the Soul loses its understanding of its power and magnificence that can leave it exposed to sabotage by those energies that are not working for the Light.

I have felt compelled to offer this half day group clearing as the year draws to a close in response to the many clients that have required sabotage patterns incurred during their embodiment journey to be balanced.

If you truly want to step into 2019 with your energy fields clear of sabotage programmes then this half day group clearing is for you.

I very much hope to be part of your Journey and look forward to seeing you for this powerful ½ day group clearing.

Please book your place below or contact Stella on 07775 750085 to let her know that you will be joining us for this powerful day

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