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Struggling with Self Esteem or Self Worth? Free workbook.

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  • Self-development in this new energy is no longer just about you. It’s also about the way in which you CONTRIBUTE to the wellbeing of collective too.

  • The times we are in require radical self-responsibility and a grown up, grounded form of spirituality that honours and respects the physical body as the channel through which the soul embodies and expresses itself.  

  • Stop giving your power and sovereignty to external gurus or teachers……. let me gently remind you that WE are the ones we have been waiting for.

  • It’s time to take control of your own destiny and step forward. If you don’t you will continue to follow the path of fate.

  • We are in pivotal times and your contribution is needed now, not next month or next year.


Mrs M F - Birmingham

Stella's teaching is aligned perfectly to all you need to know at this time of change.
Information for the future. I cannot recommend enough "


 If all conscious women stepped forward to be the Heroine of her own story, the ripple effect and impact on the collective would transform this world literally overnight.

Will you be one of them?


  • Rediscover the woman that you have lost along the way

  • Be the parent, partner , role model or leader that you came here to be 

  • Support and be with others from the highest level of self  awareness possible

  • Master your emotions

  • Find your courage and gain clarity on purpose

  • Create intimacy and connection 

  • Step out of invisibility 

  • Dismantle the patterns of low self esteem, self worth and  confidence

In many ways the current personal development models on offer fall short.

No amount of focus, motivation, therapy, or inspiration will get you to where you want to be unless the mind and the body agree and align.

Don’t get me wrong - I’ve no doubt that your self-awareness has grown, its why you’re looking for the next step -  but it’s likely that you still have the same neural pathways in the brain that you started with and an energy body that not only aligns with, but support’s the limiting beliefs and programming those neural pathways thrive on.  

These programs are a pathway to deep transformation, self-expansion and change on many levels.

I know this because I have witnessed it in the incredible women that I have worked with over the past ten years.
As a result of their radical self-responsibility, trust, and focus, they have walked through these stages and transitions before you, helping me to create a proven pathway back to the Heroine within.

Please have a look at the programmes on offer and follow your inner GPS. 
After all it is that curiosity that has brought you to this page!


R H – Oxford

Mind blowing, (new me) THANKYOU!

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This programme is the foundation of all the work that follows. If you do nothing else, please do this for yourself.


EVERY client I have ever worked with has this foundational issue to some degree when we first meet.

Clearing it is truly life changing.   

This program is being released at the end of September

Register your interest here and enjoy a discount once it is available to email log for interest on coach’s console – Stella has provided link


Designed specifically for the new paradigm and the new energy.

Combining my unique understanding of the relationship between the energy of the body and the energy of the soul, these programmes are designed to give the control back to you.


 They have all been developed based on the guidance received through one-on-one work and feedback from extensive group work over the past ten years.


There are currently three options available to you.  Each program is unique and offers a very different experience. 


Whilst it is recommended that you work your way through each of the options for optimum results, I appreciate that some of you may have been on this path of self-discovery for some time and if this is you then I invite you to enter the program at the level that resonates for you. 

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In less than one month you will be a very different woman that the one reading this. 


This short but powerful program is a comprehensive deep dive into the very real reasons that you keep getting in her own way despite your best efforts and what you can do to move past them. It will save you months if not years of trying to pull all the pieces together. 


PS: A life changing bonus is included too!To She Awakens Page – Coaches console 

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Pulling together ALL the core stories and pattern that keep us tied to the old paradigm into this one program.


This program is truly transformational. How do I know? Because it is created around the 6 key patterns I have witnessed in EVERY woman I have ever worked with on a 1:1 basis.


If you want to eliminate the patterns supporting your limiting beliefs, elevate your levels of consciousness and do it quickly then this programme if for you. 


This programme will be released at the end of September – Register your interest here and enjoy a discount on the program once it is available. 

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