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The Heart Is The Portal  
Solihull Women’s Institute, 745 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 3DG
​Sunday 10th October 2021 - 11 am -  3 pm


" Stella is so uplifting and extremely knowledgeable. Everything was articulated so clearly and I was amazed at what I have learnt today on both a personal and group level " 

J S - Birmingham


Scientists have identified that we all have a unique stream of energy, akin to our own personal radio bandwidth, that our bodies stand in and energetically communicate with.


It is this unique energy that many would call the energy of your soul, or if you prefer, your unique field of consciousness.


When the powerful field of energy that is generated by your heart is inhibited by shock or trauma, it has a dramatic impact on your feelings about yourself and what is or isn't possible for you.


Why? Because you have basically lost clear communication with your sat nav. Your soul wisdom, knowing and experience.


You can feel alone, isolated and vulnerable even when with people you know and love.


A feeling of being on the outside looking in is a common symptom and people often feel less emotionally secure than they would like to, even amongst those they love and care for.


Every client I have worked with to date has carried a limiting vibration in their heart field .


Once cleared a whole new awareness in their relationship with themselves, others and their potential is reported.


Having seen many hundreds of people accelerate on their personal path once this issue has been cleared, I am running this group balance workshop in order to allow others access to the same results.


I sense that this will be an incredibly powerful opportunity for growth and will resonate with many who despite years of personal work, have not made the progress that they would have liked.


Due to the current need to be socially aware and keep to the numbers stated by the venue we cannot accept walk ins or payment on the door as used to be the case at this time.


So please do book online should this resonate .


You can book your place via the ticket link should you wish to join us.


Thank you all for what you do by being you


With love


Stella x 

Teas and coffees provided  

Please do not hesitate to contact Stella with any questions you may have

Location : Solihull Women’s Institute, 745 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 3DG

Despite this being at the WI men are more than welcome to join us on this workshop !

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