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Moving from Head to Heart

Welcoming a New Awareness of The Divine Feminine

22nd April 2022
Half day workshop -  10am - 2pm
Abbey house, Glastonbury

Investment £ 40


Is your understanding of the Divine Feminine LIMITED by the experiences, blocks and filters of the old paradigm?

What is the Divine Feminine really and what role does she play in creating the new paradigm as the shift accelerates?


The story we hold about the feminine and masculine are based on the distortions and the limitations of the 3d paradigm. These distortions have resulted in the act of  control over another and emotions such as shame, guilt and fear; all of which are very much part of the individual and collective psyche. 

Currently the collective energy is dominated by the distorted masculine, which on an energetic level you experience as an electrical charge in the body; It's this electrical charge that supports the current bias for the dominance of our thoughts and our minds. 

Not helpful when your navigating a liminal space and trying to connect more fully to the whispers of the soul !

The thing is, we are collectively living and navigating the world from our head – not our hearts 💚 .


Thankfully things are changing and they are changing rapidly.


Part of this change is the significant increase in the availability of the Divine Feminine energy.


This increase has a great deal to do with the changes we are witnessing in ourselves and others; and it will have much to do with the rate of change over the next number of years.


However our understanding of the Divine Feminine has also been DISTORTED by the 3d paradigm.


When you give yourself the opportunity to understanding her true nature, you meet and welcome her into your life with a very different awareness of the possibilities available for your individual future and our collective potential.

This half day workshop is focused on beginning the process of creating a new structure within the energetic system of the body.


One that is a huge step forward in supporting you to work in a faster, more creative and effective way moving forward.  It is an opportunity for alignment with, and integration of, the true nature of the Divine Feminine.

So what are the benefits of joining us for this powerful half day workshop ? 

We will discuss the true energetic nature of the Divine Feminine and open the opportunity to collaborate with ALL she has to offer.  It's more than you might think!

Your ability to hold the higher emotional states for longer periods of time will increase.


Your experience of being able to hold the higher vibration of upper 4D or 5D without the distractions of the mind will become more available.

I have chosen to do this piece of work in this location because of the exciting way in which the ley lines are reactivating and the opportunity that this reactivation presents for us as a group, to make the TRUE nature of the Divine Feminine available to the collective . 

Please be aware that others will have the opportunity to join us for the last 30 minutes of this workshop via zoom to support and amplify that intention.


If this resonates, I do hope you will join us!

"I was mesmerised. If you get a chance to attend one of Stella's workshops do not hesitate. "

Ms HB - Birmingham
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