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Dismantling the Intergenerational Core Wounds of Abandonment, Betrayal and Shame
All change starts with you

In Person Workshop and Group Balance

Solihull Women's Institute.

745 Warwick Road, Solihull, Solihull, B91 3DG, West Midlands, England

Sunday 31st July. 1pm - 4pm   -  Investment £37

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"I would recommend Stella to anyone who is interested in change at a very deep level in order to have a richer experience of life."
C K - Somerset 

Sadly, the Intergenerational core wounds of Abandonment, Betrayal and Shame are endemic within our cultures, societies, and families.

You can see them at play in politics, institutions, education systems and even some religions.

They are so ingrained into the very fabric of our lives that we unconsciously pass them on to the next generation and it’s only when awareness and attention is brought to the ways in which this happens, that we can dismantle them.

The first place to start is with ourselves.

How are these wounds playing out in your life? How do they impact the way you respond in relationships and your daily interaction with others? And importantly, at this unique time human evolution, how are they keeping you small?

Even those old souls and light workers that have done the extensive inner work, are on occasion triggered by the electromagnetic residue of these wounding’s within the body.

We have a collective opportunity for a quantum jump in our spiritual and personal growth over the next 18 months. Whether you are consciously focused on your spiritual and personal growth or have just recently found yourself asking different questions about who you are and what is or is not possible for you, you are part of this uplevelling.

This is a unique opportunity to dismantle the energetics of these patterns and wounds from the physical body to such a degree that you become the change we so keenly need in our world now.

This half day workshop will explore the wounds, provide you with tools to use at home to dismantle these and other emotions you may find in your field and clear the root point, through a group balance, of the wounds within your own physicality.

It will also be a fabulous opportunity to meet likeminded people.

If this resonates, I do hope that you will join us.

Teas and Coffees will be provided. There may even be a bit of cake! JOIN US HERE!! 

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