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The Divine Template 

Online Group Balance

Sunday 5th June 7pm - 8.45pm BST

Investment £37

"Information for Our Times"
Marie - Birmingham

Consciousness is now changing at an accelerated rate.

 We are entering a new timeframe for evolutionary consciousness that requires you to be very conscious of what has transpired in your physical body and energetic system.

Many of you, as the forerunners of this new energy, have seeded various configurations of light into your being on all levels. This has taken place in both the physical and nonphysical.

These seed points are created as a precursor of the accelerated light frequencies that are now pouring onto the planet.

However, they do require that you consciously work with them as the frequency of light that you can embody and work with is determined by the energetic profile of your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies.

This month’s balance introduces the Divine Template as a seed point for your entire system.

It’s presence in the field allows the opportunity to bring back into alignment any distortions within the bodies from your original schematic at the time of your embodiment.

If this resonates, I do hope you will join us for this month’s group balance inside the Soul Sanctum membership.


If a monthly commitment isn’t for you at this time you can join as a welcome guest by pressing the button below .

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