The Schumann Resonance & The Soul 

Online Group Balance

Sunday 1st May 7pm - 8.45pm BST

Investment £37

"Information for Our Times"
Marie - Birmingham

Despite all the inner work and focus, do you move between feeling energised and exhausted? Calm or wired?


Maybe you are experiencing aches and pains that are unexplained or forgetfulness and loss of memory?


Does time feel like it is speeding up or even imploding?

The Schumann Resonances is often called the heartbeat of mother earth by some and the earth’s vibration by others. It is actually a frequency that traditionally measures at 7.83 Hz and is in fact the electromagnetic frequency of our planet. 

This energy can increase or decrease at times, and their is growing evidence that it affects our consciousness. As the frequency moves to upper limits never experienced in human form before, we will work with the endocrine and nervous systems of the body to allow these fluctuations to be met with more ease. 

This months group balance explores the impact the Schumann Resonances have on your wellbeing and your consciousness. The group balance will calm the bodies response to allow for optimum benefit from the frequencies we are all living through.

This group balance is offered under the monthly soul sanctum membership so if you are a member you do not need to book. if you would like to join us on  an ad hoc basis - we would love to meet you ! 

If you would like to take part in regular balances like this then maybe the Soul Sanctum Membership will be perfect for you.