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Your Capacity to Embody Love 

An online group balance .

March 6th . 7pm - 8.30pm (GMT)

Cost £37.00

Through out our known history we have experienced misalignments in both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.


Both of these energies have been dominant at some point with one being subservient to the other.


Dominance is not in alignment with the Divine schematic for either energy, which when balanced is a beautiful spiralling of co-creation, each supporting and facilitating the gifts of the other.

It is the distorted masculine that is dominant at moment but as many of you will be aware, the universe is pouring the energy of the divine feminine onto the planet in order to move things back into balance.


Your physical body is feeling the uplevelling that comes with the increase in light. It also opens our emotional bodies.


With this opening our capacity for love, and ability too unconditionally love is amplified.


This love not a romantic notion that we see represented in the media - but a powerful force for change.


​So the question to be curious about is , what is your current capacity to embody love ?


The love of one to another, the love of self, and ultimately the consciousness of love and it's unconditional ability to give to others without the expectation of anything in return?

When we become the embodiment of love we heal ourselves and we heal others.


We become a vibrational match for a type of love that changes relationships, eliminates self esteem or worthiness issues and increases trust in yourself, others and the universe itself.


​This capacity for love is the focus of this months group balance.


We will work as a group to eliminate any misalignments with the true schematic for the divine feminine and the divine masculine that prevent you from evolving to the level of unconditional love .


These are held in your field, through both your lineage ( genetic) and the past life expressions of the soul ( metaphysical).

​We will work to soothe the energy of the rational mind and your body in order for them to make an allowance for change.


If this resonates I do hope you will join us!

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Another wonderful session Stella. Thank you so much. What a journey you are on is wonderful to be part of this special group.

JM - Kenilworth 

Fabulous to be with like minded people and learning such empowering information x

TS - Hampton

Thank you Stella for an amazing session. Wonderful as ever, you never cease to amaze me. It was incredibly powerful and peaceful,

DP - Warwick 

PS: Have You Heard About the Soul Sanctum?

This balance is the first offering under the Soul Sanctum Monthly membership and community. Before I say anything else  - You do not have to be a member to join us - you can just jump onboard which ever of these balances resonate with you!


We have a monthly membership that is growing all the time and are thrilled that you are thinking of joining this balance. 

If you do want to find out a bit more about the benefits of monthly membership and the very special offer that is currently available for founder members you can find more information by pressing the image below 💚 

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