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 Expanding Capacity & The Energy Of Your Soul 


Online Group Balance - Cost £30 

Saturday 20th March 2021 

7pm - 8.30 pm GMT 

Your body is the vessel through which your soul experiences itself in physical form.

As more light enters the planet the opportunity to be aligned with and present as the soul in physical form is available in a way that has never been available to any previous expression of your soul.

You may know that timelines are closing rapidly, which means that the soul energy once engaged in that experience is more available to you in this timeline, should you, in your physicality,  make yourself available to it.

The degree to which you can move into this alignment and capacity to hold increased light in your physical form, is causally linked to the degree to which you have recalibrated the energy centres, rewired the energy flows within your body and reconnected and awakened once dormant aspects of your brain.

Whilst this group balance cannot do all of that for you, because parts of the above take gentle guided focus over a period of time, it will however ensure that as you expand and grow a much needed template is in place.


This template will ensure that this increased capacity is utilised and held within the physical form with significantly greater ease, and those growing pains often referred to as ascension symptoms, will be eliminated or reduced  greatly moving forward.

This group balance will also allow you to stand within and utilise an increased field of soul energy. The enhancements made to your energy field will make your physicality available to the increased stream of soul energy moving out of the closing timelines. 


You will find that your trust, knowing and confidence increase as you step forward into your work over the coming years.

As always, we will be working with a surrogate to connect with the group and bring those attending into an expanded field of personal and collective soul energy.

It promises to be an immensely powerful experience.

Your capacity to move forward into the coming years with greater ease and presence is as a result significantly increased.

 For those of you further along the path this balance allows for a significant boost in the alignment of your energy field and destiny pathway.

I do hope you will join us should this resonate with you.

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