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Creating Harmony Between The  Akashic Drivers & Crystalline Grid
Solihull Womens Institute 745 Warwick Road
B91 3DG
Sunday 10th March: 1.15 pm – 4.15 pm = £30


As the soul comes into embodiment it is pulled into density by the electromagnetic field of the heart.


That journey requires that the Soul passes through each of the three grids that make up the energetic electromagnetic fields of the planet. The crystalline grid is the one that records the memory of every human emotion ever experienced on the planet.


As the Souls energy is immersed into the field as part of this journey your Akashic Drivers (deeply rooted strategies to navigate through life acquired over lifetimes) can be exaggerated due to the shock of contact.


This results in the light worker or old soul not stepping into their destiny due to amplified drivers around fear, unworthiness or a sense of vulnerability.


Creating energetic harmony between these two fields of energy allows you to experience your life in a way that hasn’t been available to you previously.

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