Working with the New Energies

2 Day Intensive Workshop

Sat 6th/Sun 7th April 2019

Sat 6th 10.30 am - 4.30 pm = £145.00

Chadwick End Village Hall , Warwick Road, Chadwick End , Solihull, B93 0BL

For those travelling by public transport the No 88 bus leaves Solihull Station at 9.50 am. Arrives at 10.13 am.

"I've done a lot of healing and what Stella delivers is genuine, heartfelt, pure and higher dimensional.

The weekend workshop feels like the answer to what I've been asking for ….I'd highly recommend you work with Stella."

H.C Worcester April 18 attendee.


This is a thought provoking and intensive two day workshop that sold out in  November & April 18 and also  November & July  17.

It has been developed for the Light Worker or Old Soul who desires clarity on how to step fully into the opportunities now available to each and every one of us.

This is now being run for the 5th time due to popular demand. 

As the energies have expanded the content of this workshop has expanded with it.

Those of you that attended any workshop prior to the last one in November 2018 will find a great deal of new information in this workshop.

Working with the New Energies is now expanding further into an advanced workshop in September 2019 and an understanding of the

information contained in November’s workshop and/or this one is a prerequisite to attendance of the advanced workshop

as I won’t have time to revisit or teach the stage one content in September’s workshop.

I will assume you understand things such as knowing how to spin the male and female octahedron within the fixed octahedron.

Have the ability to connect with other extensions of the soul.

Have embodied all the Soul knows about the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. All of which were added in November





Humanity is going through a profound shift in awareness and potential. We are making the shift from 3D to 5D. This shift allows each of us to create

and live in a very different reality to the one many of us are currently experiencing.

You are in truth incredibly powerful but life to date may have suggested otherwise.

Your relationship with the electromagnetic field has shifted dramatically and there are many new and exciting tools now available which can help

you move quickly towards your fullest potential if you know how to harness and work with the powerful energies of this shift.

This workshop will allow you to develop clarity on who you truly are at the level of the Soul and your role as a Light Worker at this incredibly exciting

time in the history of humanity. 

  This workshop will give you the information you need to appreciate & understand your ability to significantly impact the flow and direction of

your own life, health and potential , in addition to understanding your role on the planet at this time of shift.

​You will also be learning how to work with this powerful New Energy for rapid manifestation, self healing and significant growth at the level

of the Soul.

We will be covering the following topics in addition to deep meditative work and group balances/healing work

The significant role of the light Worker & the Old Soul at this time of Shift

Understanding & working with the potentials of the Higher Chakra system ( The Three Triads ) 

Aligning to Soul purpose from within the Sanctum of the Heart

Manifesting within this new & benevolent field of energy

Accessing the wisdom, gifts and talents stored within your Akashic Records

You’re incredible Innate Body Wisdom & how to develop your relationship with it to heal

The fascinating relationship between the light body, the Field and the Soul

Powerful tools for navigating day to day life and managing emotional responses

Attuning and rebuilding the conduit to the Higher Self within the Pineal Gland

Connecting to the other extensions of your Soul

working with and anchoring the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine





In order to get the most from this weekend you will need to have a basic understanding of yourself as energy (chakras, meridians etc) and have the willingness  to participate in guided meditation.


If the above resonates with you please join us for what will be a worthwhile weekend in terms of time and financial investment with like minded people.

We very much look forward to being part of your journey.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Stella on mobile:  07775 750085. Email:


​​​​​" I was mesmerised. If you get a chance to attend one of Stella's workshops do not hesitate. "

Ms H B - Birmingham








If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us : ​

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