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Clearing Emotional Triggers

The Recordings for this powerful  10 day online programme are now available to purchase 

Cost £ 30 for lifetime access 

Please click the button below to make your purchase 


" Stella, I cant thank you enough for the wonderful offering you have shared every evening. 

I have never felt better, so bright, balanced and light "

L.F via Facebook 




Times of challenge can be the catalyst for the most significant change 

That is the real opportunity of these exceptional times  

Times such as these could indeed lead us down the rabbit hole of confrontation, fear and an inability to respond to the challenges and lack of integrity we will see around us over the coming months.


We could very easily be “encouraged” or “manipulated” into the pattern of sleepwalking through life in the times ahead.

 After all, disconnection or contraction are the body’s normal response to coping with a challenging event.




Because we are at our core traumatised ourselves through our connection to our heritage, our ancestors and at the level of the collective. 


How you chose to respond to these unprecedented times will have an impact that will be felt, lived and witnessed by not only ourselves but our children, our grandchildren and across the time and space of the universe itself.


Be in no doubt that these are the times you have worked towards. The times you incarnated for.


This is big girl and big boy pants time!

We will be working together to identify and eliminate triggers from your mental and emotional bodies over the coming weeks.  These will be short but in depth explorations working together with the energy of the group for maximum impact on the field. 


An understanding of yourself as energy ( chakras, Meridians etc )  and as eternal are needed in order to get the most from this experience.


Any work you do individually also has an impact on both the collective and the inter generational trauma in the field. 


The level at which we need to work now has amplified and I'm so grateful to you for considering to take past.


Everyone of us that steps forward at this time is creating the templates for those that will be following in the near future.

I do hope you will join us - even if you are unable to make all the dates your contribution is much needed and appreciated at this time. 


Individually you are powerful beyond words – collectively we are a force to be reckoned with.

 Let’s cut to the chase here

The world and those for whom you are creating the pathways need you now.


It really is time to wake up !

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