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Ancestral, Karmic and Soul Pattern Clearing 

 Solihull Women's Institute

745 Warwick Road
B91 3DG

Sunday 21st July : 10.00 am – 4.30 pm = £45.00

( Reduced rate due to much of this material being covered in previous 1/2 day workshops 2016/17. This workshop is being filmed and will be a very powerful experience .  )

This workshop pulls together and clears through the use of group work and surrogacy three key patterns of behavior at the deepest energetic levels. These patterns impact your ability to connect fully with the potentials held at the level of the Soul.


They prevent you from stepping fully into mastery, and the fullest possible expression of your truth at this exciting time of shift and change for the Old Soul and Light worker.

The energetic patterns created by previous expressions of the Soul , in addition to Karma and Ancestral patterns will all be explored in this full day workshop which promises by the very nature of what we will be exploring and clearing to be intensive.

Life time after lifetime we create expectations of how life will be when we next incarnate.  Love is painful, money hard to come by etc.

These unconscious patterns of thought are called Soul Patterns .


In addition you  have spent many lifetimes working with the spiritual system and energy of karma in order to learn and grow. 

As a result your past lifetimes have created karmic shadows that both you and your soul group are working with.

These are patterns such as such as poverty, abandonment, betrayal and violence .

For many these shadows are still active in their fields and in this new energy they are no longer serving your spiritual growth .

In addition we inherit our belief systems, superstitions, personal code of honor and sense of loyalty from our family .

  It’s worth noting for example that if the family becomes infected with fear then that energy will extend to its children.


All of the above is deeply ingrained within our being whether through cellular memory,or as a result of the energetic imprints from our early childhood and those held in the quantum field.

Removing these patterns & shadows is a significant step through our limiting beliefs & essential for anyone on the spiritual path.


 (Please note that the material covered in this workshop is a repeat of 2 previous ½ day group clearings. The purpose of rerunning is to film the event & capture the group energy for my online programmes. Please be aware that you may therefore be caught on camera. You will need to let the camera man know if you want your face to be blurred in any crowd shots that may be taken.

These facts are reflected in the price)

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