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Aligning With And Taking Heart Based Action 
Clearing unconscious self limitation and self doubt so you can be who you came here to be 
Online Group Clearing & Balance 
June 20th - Summer Solstice 
6pm - 8pm BST, 10am-12pm PDT, 1pm -3pm EDT
£22 ( You can book here )

" Courage Is Contagious" 

 Brene Brown - Dare to Lead 

You know that this is the time you were born for .


You have all heard that the universe has your back and that this year in particular is the year to create the life you desire.


Leading up to this point many of you have been working on your wellbeing and spiritual growth for some time and yet despite all of this you find yourself inexplicably unable to gain the momentum, focus or passion to take action around that calling deep within.


You seem to meet obstacles, experience physical drops in energy and even at times find yourself paralysed with doubt.


Alternatively it might be that you allow yourself to be constantly distracted or have even started limiting your expectations and lets be in no doubt - this is not the year for limitation !  


If you stopped and turned to yourself with the same honesty, compassion and care that you would show to a good friend or family member who needed clarity and guidance about a repeating pattern they found themselves in, what would you see as being the reason for your procrastination, your doubt or your overwhelm. ?

I suspect that if you could do this for yourself you would eventually have to honour the fact that ,In truth , 

you doubt deep down that you have what it takes.


So despite the fact that quantum physics tells us that we are all connected, that time is non existent, that the observer creates their reality and that there is much yet to be discovered about the true power of our consciousness, the potential dimensions of experience and the holographic nature of our universe. 

You Believe your just not enough - That you haven't really go what it takes.

It doesn't make sense does it that you should know all of this and yet still keep yourself in a lower gear .


Why is this happening ?


For many it is because there is an energetic closed door in their etheric field that keeps part of your consciousness tied to the thought forms and beliefs of a lower vibration.


Emotions are magnetic and I'm sure we will all agree that there is a lot of emotion in the filed at the moment !

You are energetically connected through the science of the Akash to every expression of your soul across time and space and it is this connection that can create an energetic closed door within your field that keeps part of your consciousness in alignment with the energy of thought forms created in the 3rd dimension which are known as egragores. 

In simple terms an egragore is the sum of the physical, mental , emotional and spiritual energy created by two or more people. They are often associated with the occult or magic. All I will add to this at this stage is that you are powerful beyond words when aligned fully with your light and be in no doubt that this is known by many.

Egragores can only be truly diminished when a collective of individuals  align with a thought form that is more powerful than it is and that is where you step forward because the potential to create the thought forms of light are potent at this time .


The rays that are pouring onto our beautiful planet are waiting for you to co create with them and we are asked to use the energy of the summer solstice to anchor new egragores into the collective  for yourself and for others .

During our time together we  will be exploring the magnetics of the Akash and eliminating any constructs in your field that have created the energetic closed door that is limiting your ability to respond.  


I so hope that this opportunity to work in this deep way personally and as a collective resonates .


This work will set the energy container for the following no cost gathering stating on Tuesday June 23rd.

Lets come together to do some deep grounded work and expand our capacity for the work we are here to do.

I do hope this resonates and you will join us for this unique opportunity.



Sit with it and let your soul guide you .


Now is your time.

Never forget that you are powerful and you can change things by owning your truth.

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