The 12 Types of Light worker - Time to Wake UP
The Women's Institute 745 Warwick Road
B91 3DG
Sunday 15th March  : 1.oo  pm – 4.00pm = £30

If you attended the December workshop there is a reduced fee of £15 - Pay on the door for this option 



We are living on the planet at a time of profound opportunity for positive change.


If we step forward at this time and stand for love despite the challenges of our world - then we can be amongst those that our descendants will look back upon with gratitude.


Be in no doubt - We can truly change our world for ever and for many of you there will be a stirring at the deepest cellular level asking you to move – to wake up !


Each one of us has a unique contribution to make and now is the time to start exploring and owning the essence of that very uniqueness.


Lightworkers are those that have a presence and way of being that can change the very energy of a room or the mood of a crowd due to their resonance.


We have all been born into a fractured world. One where trauma is seen as the norm. Trauma creates closed loop patterns of limitation within the nervous systems of both the individual and the collective.


With these closed loop patterns in place the focus and emotional stability needed at this time of change can be a challenge to maintain.




This workshop is a partial rerun of that run in December – But on this occasion the group balance will focus on clearing any closed loop patterns of limitation around three core pattern we relate to at some level. Lack of Self Worth, Invisibility and Isolation.


I hose who attended the December workshop are invited to join us again for a reduced fee of £15 in recognition of the part of the workshop that is being repeated.


We are so powerful when we work together as a collective. This is the time to take action. We very much hope you will join us as we step into this optimum period of change.


Please note there will be a group balance as part of this workshop using a surrogate.