The 12 Types of Light worker - Clearing The Blocks They Carry
Solihull Women's Institute 745 Warwick Road
B91 3DG
Sunday 15th December : 1.15 pm – 4.15 pm = £30



You may well align with or recognise the term light worker.  A light worker is simply someone who has undertaken a task at the level of the soul to serve humanity.

Your main motivation in life is to make a difference whether that is on an individual basis, helping one person at a time, or a global one. You have the ability to inspire others by your innate vibrancy, your natural warmth, selfless service, love and support.


Traditionally it is recognised that there are 12 Types of light workers; each role essential to the Shift

There are various roles that the light worker takes on. In truth your never just one of these, but one role in particular will be the main theme and focus of the way in which you engage with others and the world in order to answer the mandate of your soul.


We are now moving into a year that builds on the idea of community. You may have heard it referred to as finding your tribe. Light workers are stronger as a group and as we enter the year of the tipping point, that sense of connection and community is more important than it has ever been.

This half day of group clearing and transformational work will give you the opportunity to ensure that you step into the new decade at your energetic best.

We will explore the 12 types of light worker, their roles & unique gifts with the intention of allowing you the opportunity to get a greater understanding of how that template fits or aligns with the role that you are here to take.


We will work via a surrogate to clear and balance those blocks and issues held within the field of your Soul that are currently preventing your expansion or creating a barrier to you taking responsibility for your unique contribution as we enter the new decade.

In addition we will do some group work to amplify the templates for the light worker in the field so that those who begin their journeys in the new decade can access their gifts more efficiently and thereby add their unique energy to our collective with mastery and an amplification that in the past came only after months or years of clearing at the cellular level.

You are powerful beyond words and we now have a unique opportunity to set templates in the collective that will allow each and very light worker to find their unique abilities quickly.

I hope that you will join us for this the final half day workshop of the decade.


This is a workshop in which you contribute to the future in a way that will be liberating for those who follow the grids and templates that we lay down in preparation for the wonderful opportunities available in 2020 .

Stella Brookes BRCP

Tel:  +44  07775 750085