Transformational Foundations - Breaking the Habit of You 
6 week Online Programme 
Starts December 
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Transformational Foundations focuses on dismantling the significant platforms of electromagnetic energy that hold your emotions and beliefs in place.


It is a powerful and pivotal process that lays in place the necessary foundations and fertile soil for the uplevelling and new ways of "becoming" that are the focus of the old soul and change makers in this new paradigm of energy. 

Having  worked with many hundreds of clients over the past ten years, I consistently witness these as the key energetic patterns that EVERY client embodies.

We are practically removing the guess work!

This is your unique opportunity to dismantle every single one of them from your cellular structure and field.

It’s the first time I have worked through all the patterns in this way outside of my one on one practice and is an incredible opportunity to end this catalytic year powerfully in readiness for the times ahead.  

We are all being called to up level and embody our understanding and appreciation of who we truly are as we collectively move deeper into the shift. As an old soul and change maker you are being asked to understand and accept, ( which is part of the challenge ), that you are the ones that you have been waiting for.


No one else.


We have to now move our focus from consistent clearing of layers towards a focused discipline on moving inwards and the removal of these key layers of patterning remove the distractions that allow for that process to begin or grow.


This workshop creates the platform by clearing the embodied patterns and beliefs based on survival in the old paradigm, correcting energy mismatches and  relationship patterns that run in our fields so you can focus on becoming a student of you and who it is that you truly are.

Everything changes. Your relationships with yourself, others and the universe. Your confidence, self esteem, self doubt and feelings of not being enough significantly reduce or leave your field completely.


You will find that you heal deeply and GROW RAPIDLY. 

This program will be recorded and offered as an evergreen programme to accelerate the soul level growth of those that take it moving forward. Should you chose to join us, you are not only making a huge gesture of self love for yourself, but will be literally creating templates for others to follow!

Your contribution to co creating this program for others is reflected in the price.

I don’t intend to do the clearings for this programme in person again.

If you love to take part in life changing inner work and being part of a group work of like minded people who are also making a huge contribution to creating something life changing for others, then this is a wonderful opportunity to do just that.