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Stepping Fully into Divine Purpose 
Dismantle Deeply Embedded Limitation to Live with Courage & Purpose in 2023

Abbey House Retreat 

Chickwell Street, Glastonbury, BA6 8DH

December 3rd to December 4th, 2022

10.30am to 4.30pm GMT

Price £ 190.00 -Early Bird to 6th November £175.00

(Interest Free Payment Plan Available) 

Who is This Not For? 

  • This is for you if you’re ready to get your big girl pants on, roll your sleeves up and do the deeper work.
  • It's for you if you are open to a very different approach to personal and spiritual development 
  • It's defiantly for you if you want to move into the pivotal year that is 2023 free from frustration, doubt and lack of clarity around purpose, possibility and trust that you are currently experiencing. 

Why Now?

As we move into 2023 you really MUST step forward with a greater focus on purpose. The possibility for change is huge and you are needed NOW! 

Yes, you will need to be open to risk. 


Yes, you must be able to fully accept and express the truth of who you are with an open heart.


Yes, you must be prepared to roll your sleeves up and stand fully for what you believe - even when others around you are not.


The thing is there is a Heroine within you, and she is desperate to be fully expressed.


And if she isn't witnessed - she will eat you from the inside out.



Because now is the time you were born for, and we are about to enter into the time of our fullest potential, expression and expansion.

To do this we must be able to Step into our DIVINE PURPOSE which is not necessarily a job or a career. To harness our biggest potential, we must honour ourselves as Divine, in absolutely every area of our lives.


We are being asked to step forward with the courage that comes from a deep and profound trust in who you are and what is possible for you.

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 What Others have Say

  "Wonderful, transformative, priceless. Stella's courses are literally out of this world " Jan - UK 

Why Is This Different?

Your ability to answer the urging to step forward at this critical time in our evolution is directly linked to your heritage and the long line of woman you are connected too. You see their story is very much part of yours and is held in the very FIRST cell you came from, the energy of the egg.


Imagine for a moment the fear, the unexpressed pain, rage and culturally imposed shame that all of the woman we are descended from have had to endure over the centuries. 

The Egg holds EVERY pattern of limitation and doubt you can possibly imagine because she holds the energetic signature of the pain of unfulfilled dreams, lost innocence, broken hearts, an inability to act in a way that could change the reality that she was born or married into and very limited beliefs about what is or isn't possible for a woman.

During this powerful 2-day programme we will dismantle EVERY pattern of limitation held within her energetic signature.

We will explore, heal and integrate anything that is out of alignment with the perfection that is your potential at each of the 5 stages SHE goes through as the soul comes into contact with HER in preparation for your embodiment.

This is a powerful program that allows you to explore and dismantle your inherited limitations and deeply embodied patterns of reactivity with grace and a true sense of wonderment at the miracle that is creation. 

We will activate the pineal to a higher resonance to increase connection to the Divine and put in place the advanced energy structures needed to maintain the heightened level of consciousness you experience during our time together. 

We will explore purpose and put in place the energetic structures you need to move forward as the Heroine you came here to be.


I don't want you doing all this work only to have it forgotten as you leave our container!

You will find clarity, a real sense of focus and purpose.


This is a rare opportunity to release any unexplained sense of grief or doubt and as a result ignite the courage to step forward with access to the wisdom, connection and peace of one who knows exactly who she is and why she is here.  

This transformative experience can and will change your life. I do hope you will answer the calling within and join us.


It's magical but looks and feels so practical at the same time.

I thank the Divine for putting Stella in my path...    Q.V - Holland 

Stella is an extraordinary teacher but in a gentle humorous "ordinary" way. I related to her on a soul level.

Patricia - UK

You DO NOT need to have attended previous workshops with Stella, BUT you do need to have a strong foundational understanding of how your energy systems work, (chakra's, aura etc), and be open to working in a different way.

Please do not book unless you do know these basics as I will be teaching on the basis that you know these things.


If this powerful programme resonates and you are in any doubt about whether this might be right for you, please contact me here. I would be happy to support you in any way I can.  


This program is for woman only. 

It is taking place at the time that the leys lines in Glastonbury are fully activating.

This means that the transformation you achieve for yourself will be made available to many other women too as it is carried through the lines into the greater collective 

The cost of the programme covers your attendance over the two days and teas, coffees (and possibly a lot of cake) throughout the day.

Your accommodation and travel costs are not included in the price above.

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