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Join us for a transformative workshop: Attend the first day only or make a weekend of it by deepening the work on day two ( please note that day one is a prerequisite for those joining us on day two).

What are we doing ? 

If you're reading this, my guess is you've already done a great deal of "work".  It's just part of who you are.  A pinoneer, a woman with a sense or deep knowing that she is here to be part of the upleveeling that we are all going through. 

I suspect that if you look back at the woman you were at the start of this year, you have already changed a great deal. However you may also be aware that there is more and whilst you know  this, you can't quite grasp what that might be.

Why? ..... because it's new.

It's likely you're more aware of your own feelings and needs, have a more nurturing and respectful connection with your physical body; deepened your connection to nature and have a more expanded appreciation of your Divine Essence.

Much of this is because the energies flooding into the planet are loosening the magnetic grip of patriarchy both externally and internally.

As women, we are being invited to deepen into our unique energetic blueprint in a way that has not been available before. 

It's exciting, it's powerful and it will create a huge opportunity for  accelerated expansion and growth.

The Call of Your Soul:

Deep within, you feel a call to explore uncharted territory. It might be that you feel the fire that has ignited deep within or a sense of a new horizon line, gently calling you forward.

The energy is changing yet again and new discoveries are creating the foundations for the next quantum leap in your personal expansion. 

You are being called to expand your awarness yet again and embrace your power to be part of this new energy in a way that has not been explored before.


And this is what this workshop is all about.

Your Personal Evolution Awaits:

"The Cosmic Goddess" is your gateway to uncovering the profound depths of your inner self and move into relationship with the Cosmic Goddess.

The one who knows the pathway that was laid down by your soul a the time of your conception. The part of you who knows who you really are and holds the necessary codes for your next evolution.

SHE has been hidden or suppressed as a result of the persecution wounds and the legacy of patriarchy that all women have been born into. SHE is an aspect of the Inner Trinity, but when fully activated, SHE is so much more.

When you reclaim her, your relationship and acceptance of your Divine nature means that you can never be the same.

You move into sovereignty, unleash your inner power and reclaim your cosmic heritage.

You ease into your next personal evolution and commit to your Divine nature in a way that has never been possible before this year. 

You reclaim yourself as part of the creative force that is universal in nature and beyond the scope of anything you believed to be possible about yourself.


Because you are a traveller, a pioneer and a wise one.


You are here now at this time to pave the way for those who will follow .... and create heaven on earth for yourself and for others! 

This was the dream. Lets now begin the process of making it a reality. 

Recode the Matrix:

"The Cosmic Goddess " invites you to journey deeper into your inherent potential and reclaim that part of you that is at the source of all creation. 

It's your opportunity to tap into the quantum field and the ancient wisdom encoded in your DNA and the  mulitdimensional aspects of your being.


Day One: In this powerful and tranformative first day we will introduce you to the Cosmic Goddess. We will rebuild and activate the energy points that for many have been fragmented or dormant, in preperation for your reconnection to her. You will leave the day having reconnected with this aspect of yourself and the tools needed to continuedeepening your relationship with her at your own pace. 

Day Two: Bulilding on the work done on the first day we will begin our work in the fields of the matrix. Recoding and creating the new templates needed for your enhanced personal experience and for those who will follow. Especially the new children that will be/are arriving. 

This workshop allows you to transcend the constraints of the matriarchal wounds, the limitations that women have carried for too long. You're now ready to claim your creative essence and ability as a women to change the very nature of the matrix that we have all been immersed in.

Now is your time, and your committed presence and sovereignty is crucial to what's next.


 What Others have Say

  "Wonderful, transformative, priceless. Stella's courses are literally out of this world " Jan - UK 

The Benefits:

  • Reclaim your Cosmic potential and knowing.

  • Break free from self-doubt and limitations.

  • Merge your cosmic and quantum capacities with timeless wisdom for true transformation.

  • Reactivate dormant energy centres and rebuild pathways to your deepest awarnesses and abilities.

  • Recode the limitations within the matrix for your own enhanced experience and those who will follow.

  • Connect with a supportive group of visionary women on a similar path.

  • Rewrite your relationship with yourself, your purpose, and your sovereignty.


It's magical but looks and feels so practical at the same time.

I thank the Divine for putting Stella in my path...    Q.V - Holland 

Stella is an extraordinary teacher but in a gentle humorous "ordinary" way. I related to her on a soul level.

Patricia - UK

Emerge Radiant:


We are working over an incredibly powerful weekend in a room that has the sacred ley lines of Glastonbury running right through it. As a result our collective work is carried through the ley lines across Europe and the world.

What is exciting about this particular weekend is that people will be activley working around the globe on the 22nd; each doing the piece of work they are called to do on this powerful day.


The work we are doing during our workshop is our unique contibution to the whole.

You are being called to Illuminate your Divine nature and in doing the work needed to access her, you illuminate the path for other woman. Making access to the Divine Inner Woman available to all in a way that has not been previously.

Your multidimensional essence is growing and embracing it is key to why you're here.

Secure Your Place:

My hope is that this resonates with you, and you'll join us. It really is the perfect time to ride the transformative waves sweeping in. It's your chance to break free, transform, and shine brighter than ever before.

PS: This work shop is already half full from last years group and our numbers are strictly limited this year due to room capacity, ( we are in a smaller room to be on the ley lines). So, if this speaks to you, I gently encourage you to jump onboard as soon as possible.

Commit to Your Divine Power & Ignite Your Sovereignty.

Join us on this soul-stirring journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The time has come to elevate and embody your true potential. Its time to deepen into and commit to who it is you truly are.

Let's unveil the extraordinary together.


This program is for woman only.  

The cost of the programme covers your attendance for the day, teas, coffees (and possibly a lot of cake) .

Your accommodation and travel costs are not included in the price above.

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